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Why Netail?

We are Retail and AI Experts

Winning the digital consumer requires new thinking, new tools and new ways of optimizing every decision in your Enterprise using data.

You need new actionable data, looking beyond the four walls. And you need expert practitioners who complement in-house teams. That’s why leading global businesses partner with Netail!

Our Breakthrough in Web Data Collection & Analytics

Massive Scale

Our new technology allows us to get competitor data with speed and accuracy that others can't match

Easy to Use

Intuitive and easy-to-use interface designed for Business Users by Business Users

AI Network Effects

Our AI learns with Category Expert feedback to eliminate web-noise and bring ONLY relevant data

Low-Touch Integration

Designed for quick start without IT work effort; flexible to integrate relevant data back into your systems

We Build Data-Centric AI

What is "data-centric AI" ? – learn from its pioneer, our Chairman, Dr. Andrew Ng.

We Are Driven to Create Value

Our Mission

To create high-impact and measurable value for our customers, stakeholders and employees

Our Vision

We strive to be the leader of consumer-focused AI, to revolutionize the state-of-the-art and continuously push the boundaries of what is possible

Our World Class Team

Suresh Mani

Head of Product & Strategy

Barney Govan

Head of Engineering

Siva Hariharaiyer

Chief Customer Officer

Raul Molina

Machine Learning Engineer

Sebastian Vega

Machine Learning Engineer

Martin Carmona

Machine Learning Engineer

Fernando Ardila

Program Manager

Tim Rosenflanz

Machine Learning Engineer

Michal Porwisz

Machine Learning Engineer

Luis Arboleda

Software Engineer

Andrew Ng


We Are Funded By Tech Visionaries

We Work With Companies of All Sizes