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Solutions Designed Exclusively to Deliver ROI

Solutions by Capability

We are leaders in the practical application of AI/ML into the retail and CPG industries.  Everything we build is designed and validated to deliver measurable ROI to our customers.  Let’s win together…

Optimize every decision with BEST-IN-CLASS AI that learns from your category experts

Multimodal AI

Proprietary combination of image and language models that can auto identify competing products anywhere that they are being sold

"Human in the Loop"

Category experts give feedback to the AI, improving its ability to find competitive product matches in each product category

Scalable Technology

We have developed a breakthrough in web data collection that makes existing web-scraping techniques obsolete, leap frogging our competition

Real-Time Optimization

Competitors, assortments, product availability and prices change constantly. Our optimization engine keeps you competitive every hour of every day

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Our breakthrough AI gives you the ability to auto identify all of your competitors and track their assortments, availability and price points accurately. We combine this actionable external data with your internal dataset to optimize your assortment & pricing in real-time by leveraging cutting-edge AI to cut through the noise

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Price Intelligence
  • Assortment Intelligence
  • Location Intelligence
  • Customer Intelligence

Consumers now learn about products digitally and on sites not owned by brands.

Gone are the days when retailers competed on store location. 

To drive traffic to their websites and stores, retailers now need their products to compare favorably against the competition across search engines and marketplaces.  Customers will only choose to visit if they know they are getting great value, features and service compared with all of the other options.

Traditional marketing is declining rapidly because it is ineffective at attracting customers where they now make their purchase decisions.

Our solution suite is built on the fundamental premise that knowing where, when and how to stand out digitally against the competition is the key to modern retail success.