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Netail has tailored the renowned AI Transformation Playbook (designed by Dr. Andrew Ng), for the Retail industry. This simple-yet-powerful 5-step approach offers practical solutions for the many hurdles that slow down AI momentum within the enterprise

Comprehensive approach to harness the power of Gen AI

Use our expertise and accelerators to deploy & scale LLM apps using your proprietary data

Netail AI Transformation Playbook

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LLM Tech is evolving fast and the 'art of possible' changes every day. Our experts help you every step of the way to unlock value.

Leverage our pre-built solutions or use our key accelerators to rapidly build bespoke LLM applications

Pre-built Solutions

Knowledge-Based Retrieval Chatbots

Utilizing advanced LLMs, these internal/external facing chatbots enable precise knowledge retrieval from vast data repositories. This technology empowers businesses with instant access to specific information, enhancing decision-making, reducing time-to-insight, and providing competitive advantages.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Our LLM solution can analyze customer feedback at scale, extracting valuable insights and sentiment from reviews, surveys, social media, and more.

Netail Accelerators

Ability to quickly create internal and external facing chatbot applications.

Chatbot Platform

that can easily substitute different LLMs.

Customizable chatbot API-based applications.


Manage and query large datasets effectively.

Cutting-edge UI solutions for a superior user experience.

Chat history management.

VectorDB Memory retrieval for smarter interactions.

Advanced agent-based architecture.

Fine-tuning solutions

We adjust the technology precisely to your needs, ensuring it fits like a glove with your existing systems and goals.

Want to apply large language models in your product or project?

We are leaders in the practical application of AI/ML into the Retail and CPG industries.

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