Netail, Inc. Unveils profitmind

The Best Retail Analyst. Ever.



Netail, Inc., a leader in innovative AI solutions for retail, is thrilled to introduce profitmind, a groundbreaking new software product that is set to revolutionize the retail industry. profitmind is an AI analyst, trained to find sales and profit improvements by analyzing retail prices, assortments, inventory and competitors.

Say goodbye to traditional methods of retail analysis. profitmind is not just another tool, it is your ultimate retail business analyst, powered by cutting-edge AI. profitmind comes with comprehensive cross-functional analytics skills, ranging from competitive analysis and price optimization, to whitespace and inventory productivity analysis. profitmind fully automates retail business analysis to find revenue, profit and working capital opportunities all day, everyday.

From understanding shifting consumer trends to identifying untapped market opportunities, profitmind does it all with unmatched precision, 24/7/365, and reports back with actionable insights across the business. It is not just about increasing profits; it is about harnessing the power of AI to maximize efficiency, minimize guesswork, and supercharge your teams by quantifying and prioritizing the opportunities.

While profitmind works for companies of all sizes, when it finds an opportunity, it is often in the millions.  We are so confident in profitmind, that if it doesn’t find 10 times the fees in opportunities for your business, then we won’t charge a penny – it will be free until it does! This is pay for performance, at its best.

Say hello to the best retail analyst ever – say hello to profitmind.

For more information about profitmind and how it can transform your business, please click the link below and visit


Netail, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, dedicated to helping retailers thrive in a dynamic marketplace. Our breakthrough AI technology makes web-scale external data actionable and our advanced optimization powers key decisions across assortment, pricing and customer engagement. We leverage a unique ‘Human in the loop’ approach that trains our AI to use decades of experience gained by current Merchants and Category Managers. Netail’s world-class User Experience is designed by Merchants and our easy to deploy software ensures rapid time-to-value and ROI. Netail’s investors include the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Magarac Venture Partners, AI Fund and HKSTP Ventures. The company’s Board is headed by Dr. Andrew Ng, a pioneer in the field of AI. Learn more at

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