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We Help Retailers Win the Digital Consumer

Netail enables retailers to auto-identify competitors across the internet and track their assortments, and optimize prices in real time, leading to dramatic increases in traffic, profits and revenue.

Watch the Video For An Explanation of Our Solutions by Our CEO (Mark Chrystal) and Our Chairman (Andrew Ng)

Consumer behavior has changed forever

Information is POWER

Traditional methods of attracting customers no longer work. Using search, every product is now easily compared on price, features and quality. Retailers now need to win this product information war.

It’s not all about the PRICE!

While optimizing price is important, fulfillment convenience, reviews and product features are also critical. To win, you need to maximize the consumer's innate satisfaction score.

It’s a Search Engine WAR!

90% of the time, consumers make purchase decisions on sites not owned by brands, and you CANNOT win through marketing spend alone. New tools are needed to compete.

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We are building the largest actionable competitive intelligence database anywhere, and the technology to optimize every merchandising decision.

Our platform is built by combining world-class AI expertise with decades of hands-on Retail industry experience.

Billion +

Products in Scope

Million +

Retailers in Scope

Comprehensive Solution Suite

Our breakthrough AI gives you the ability to auto-identify all of your competitors and track their assortments, availability, and price points accurately. We combine this actionable external data with your internal data to optimize your assortment & pricing in real-time by leveraging cutting-edge AI to cut through the noise:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Price Intelligence
  • Assortment Intelligence
  • Location Intelligence
  • Customer Intelligence

Optimize every decision with BEST-IN-CLASS AI, designed exclusively for Retailers, that learns from your category experts

Multimodal AI

Proprietary combination of image and language models that can auto-identify competing products anywhere they are being sold across the web.

"Human in the Loop"

Category experts give feedback to the AI, improving its ability to find competitive product matches in each product category.

Scalable Technology

We have developed a breakthrough in web data collection that makes existing web-scraping techniques obsolete; we are the state-of-the-art.

Real-Time Optimization

Competitors, assortments, product availability and prices change constantly. Our optimization engine makes you competitive every hour of every day.

We work with the best!